Beyond HyPer SMM!

The HyPer SMM project has come to an end. Now, Lorenzo has moved to Politecnico di Torino, and, together with von Karman Institute and Optiflow Company, kicked off the new multidisciplinary international project PROTEECT – PROtection Technologies from Eolian Events for Coastal Territories.

Ongoing climatic changes have increased the frequency and magnitude of wind storms along coastal regions in extra-tropical regions, Europe included. Such events impact on both building environment and human activities (e.g. transport infrastructures, buildings, urban areas), and coastal ecological system (e.g. tall trees, coastal dunes).

The PROTEECT project aims at reducing the physical vulnerability of the exposed elements through the conceptual design and development of eco-friendly mitigation measures, and their performance assessment by means of computational simulations, wind tunnel tests and in-situ measurements. Politecnico di Torino (IT), together with von Karman Institute (BE) and Optiflow Company (FR), ensure the complementary, interdisciplinary and intersectoral skills needed to achieve the objectives in an international dimension.

The project is grounded on the European projects SMaRT (H2020/MSCA/ITN/EID) and HyPer SMM (H2020/MSCA/IF, celebrated by EU, focused on consistent and preparatory green topics.