HyPer SMM @ Science is Wonderful!

The HyPer SMM project participated to Science is Wonderful! An event dedicated about bringing pupils and researchers together.
Meeting and disseminating my work to an high school class from Caserta (Italy) was wonderful!
I hope to have the pleasure to meet them again and disseminate my experience to other classes in Europe and around the world.
I thank the teacher Teresita Gravina from Caserta and EU commission for this amazing opportunity.

👉 http://www.scienceiswonderful.eu

European Researchers Night

HyPer SMM participated the European Researcher Night (Wise Night) in Brussels on 25 September 2019, in the beautiful setting of the Planetarium, an historic landmark where research has been conducted for almost two centuries.

Lorenzo disseminated to a broad audience how fascinating the work of the researcher is, and how experimental tests in the wind tunnel, mathematics, physics and computer simulations contribute all together to develop effective mitigation solutions against windblown sand.

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HyPer SMM @ COMPDYN 2021

The HyPer SMM research project participated to the 8th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering with a study entitled “Life-Cycle Performance and Cost Analysis of Sand Mitigation Measures: Towards an hybrid experimental-computational approach”.
The abstract can be downloaded at the following link:

HyPer SMM @ EGU General Assembly 2021

The HyPer SMM research project participated to the European Geophysical Union General assembly 2021 with a study entitled “Characterization of windblown sand transport in open field conditions through wind-sand tunnel testing and computational simulation”.
The abstract can be downloaded at the following link: EGU21-9574-print


1st HyPer SMM seminar

On January 28th 2021, the first HyPer SMM seminar planned took place online. The seminar was addressed to students enrolled to the VKI Research Master in Fluid Dynamics and delivered in the context of the Methodology of Applied Fluid Dynamics course.

The aim of the HyPer SMM seminars is to disseminate windblown sand modelling and mitigation techniques to MSc, PhDs and Researchers at VKI.

Slides can be downloaded from the following link:

MSCA-IF Info Meeting

On December 16th 2020, the first MSCA-IF Info Meeting took place online. The aim of the meeting is to disseminate and to encourage MSCA-IF applications to PhDs, Postdocs and Research Engineers at VKI.

During the meeting I illustrated the general guidelines to apply to MSCA-IF actions, the evaluation process, and my past experience in writing the proposal by sharing some insights.

I would like to thank all participants for their availability and strong interest in the event.